Can a General Contractor Do Mold Remediation in Florida?

Learn about whether general contractors can help with mold remediation in Florida. Find out what steps you need to take to ensure your financial investment is protected.

The only time your general contractor is licensed to repair mold is if your website directly promotes it as such or if it appears on your business card. They are the right professionals to carry out the repairs and rebuild the house once the remediation is complete. However, they are not specially trained or qualified to handle active mold that may be present in a home. Therefore, they should not be used for the mold removal process. It is best to call in a general contractor to remodel their home or business after the area is cleaned of mold damage.

For example, it is in the best interest of the mold remediation contractor to find mold on their property if they have performed air quality tests so that they can benefit from their findings; however, this can lead to unscrupulous contractors taking advantage of homeowners, who simply don't know better. Is it okay for a remediation company to also operate as a reconstruction company, or is it a conflict of interest in Florida? The verification that the mold remediation was successful (the inspection or cleaning test after the remediation) must be performed by a Florida licensed mold appraiser. Can a company that advertises that S is a certified and licensed mold and water professional hire an uncertified street subcontractor without giving the landlord written notice? This exemption does not apply if the person, employer, or affiliated entity is engaged in the task of eliminating mold for the public. If you have any reason to believe that mold might be growing, either because you can see visible signs of mold or because you've recently had a water leak, you should contact a certified mold inspector. However, the department may adopt regulations that require that, if the contractor performs the mold evaluation and offers to perform mold remediation, the mold remediation contract presented to the owner indicates that they have the right to request competitive bids. Then, an authorized mold removal company will follow the containment procedures and removal process recommended by the evaluator. We always advise homeowners that the company performing the inspection and testing should be independent of any mold remediation company. A) Perform or offer to perform any remedy against mold, unless the remediator has documented training in protection against water, mold and respiratory tract under s. No, see the definition of remediators, as it allows them to treat and perform preventive activities. A mold evaluator is a specialist who has studied different courses that will help you identify mold and other problems.

Following this 3-step process will protect your financial investment and ensure that you are effectively and safely solving your mold problem in the best possible way.

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